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Welcome to Curis Functional Health

Aspire to have a higher level of health

At Curis Functional Health, our compassionate, caring team is ready to help you achieve your greatest potential for health! Discover what you're capable of with natural, effective chiropractic care. We seek to help all ages enjoy more fulfilling, vibrant lives.

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Rockwall Chiropractors Promote Family Wellness

Boost Your Well-being at Curis Functional Health

You deserve the highest level of natural health care, delivered with honesty and integrity. Rockwall Chiropractors, Dr. Michael Buffington and Dr. Keeston Waters pride themselves on offering excellent care with a personal touch. We don’t just practice here; we live here and love being a part of our community. The Curis Functional Health team is here to assist you in achieving a more fulfilling life.

Get Proactive About Your Health!

All ages are welcome at our practice. We see babies, adults and grandparents alike, all experiencing different needs. Though many people are driven to seek our help because of pain, we work to educate everyone on safeguarding their health in the long term with consistent care. Just as you visit the dentist for regular checkups, regular chiropractic visits can promote better function and overall health.

We are focused on treating all those that aspire to have a higher level of health and function; we pride ourselves on being efficient and simple while effective and professional, without gimmicks.”

Locating the Cause of Your Concerns

With chiropractic care, you can determine the root of an issue rather than treating only the symptoms. Dr. Buffington and Dr. Waters work to optimize your capacity for health, helping you to fulfill your greatest potential. We love seeing the changes made in our patients’ lives and seeing their level of health transform.

Our warm and friendly team is ready to welcome you, addressing any of your questions and putting you at ease. We’ll start with a thorough evaluation done by our Doctors. If we find that your issue isn’t appropriate for chiropractic care, we will refer you to the appropriate professional.

We offer free consultations so that you can find out if we’re the right place for you. Contact us today to schedule your time! Insurance is accepted, and digital X-ray facilities are located on-site.

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